Falcon Discovery Opens Discovery and Technology Management Facilities in Denver

New facilities support surge in demand for InsideOut™ – Falcon’s industry-changing in-house discovery and technology management service for corporate legal departments and law firms.

Falcon Discovery, the leader in e-discovery consulting, sourcing, and litigation technology management for corporate legal departments, announced today the grand opening of Falcon’s state-of-the-art technology facility in Denver, Colorado, and a new discovery management facility outside Boulder, Colorado. These new facilities are in response to a surge in demand for Falcon’s managed in-house e-discovery and technology management services.

Falcon’s Data and Technology Management Facility:

After extensive due diligence of top-tier technology facilities, Falcon recently selected a 224,000 square foot, SAS 70 Type II compliant data and technology facility in Denver to support its work in managing electronic evidence, in-house e-discovery technology, and data storage for its corporate legal department and law firm clients. This facility enables Falcon’s team of certified experts to manage mission critical infrastructure and data at a highly secure facility that is progressively designed and precisely managed to deliver business continuity, security and cost savings for Falcon’s clients.

“In light of our work managing e-discovery across a variety of high-profile criminal and civil legal matters for corporate legal departments, security has always been a top priority at Falcon”, says Don McLaughlin, founder and CEO of Falcon. “As some corporate legal departments and law firms are unable to dedicate the internal resources and capital to support an in-house e-discovery operation, the demand for our InsideOut™ model has increased significantly. This facility allows us to deliver and manage our clients’ mission critical in-house e-discovery technology, and do so in a way that provides similar cost savings and risk mitigation of an in-house operation.” The facility includes secure space for Falcon’s team to cost effectively inventory, manage and track client’s electronically stored information (ESI) across matters, and previous ESI collections can be easily identified and reused when necessary.

The technology facility is staffed 7x24x365 with on-site personnel who monitor closed circuit television and visual identification checkpoints, as well as data network security. Access to the facility is controlled and monitored using security access cards and biometric fingerprint scanning, while cameras monitor and record activity inside and outside the facility.

Falcon’s Discovery Management Facility:

Falcon’s new discovery management facility is located in the technology corridor southeast of Boulder, Colorado. The facility highlights Falcon’s commitment to providing corporate legal department and law firm clients with an e-discovery operation that is similar to the type of on-site facilities that a legal department or firm might otherwise develop and build in-house. In response to the increasing demand for Falcon’s managed services, this new facility provides the infrastructure and technology for Falcon’s team of attorneys, paralegals and technologists to manage all phases of eDiscovery across matters. Over the next year, Falcon plans to open additional discovery management facilities in the Rocky Mountain region and the West Coast.

“Companies and law firms are quickly starting to realize that traditional methods of discovery management and document production in the era of e-discovery are not only inefficient but financially unsustainable”, says Mr. McLaughlin. Falcon’s InsideOut™ model is a proven success at some of the country’s leading corporate legal departments and law firms. “By integrating this new facility with our InsideOut™ model, our clients are able to more quickly and effectively analyze and manage discovery across matters and at the same time realize cost savings of 50 to 75 percent compared to traditional outsourcing with consultants, staffing agencies or third-party database providers.”

About Falcon Discovery:

Falcon Discovery is transforming the way corporate legal departments and law firms manage discovery in the digital age. Our teams of lawyers, paralegals and technologists have created a unique framework that aligns people, processes and technology to significantly optimize the discovery process across matters. InsideOut™, our innovative and proven in-house legal discovery process, delivers more accurate results, enhanced defensibility, and astonishing cost savings. Falcon is proud to work closely with some of the world’s leading legal technology firms including Guidance Software, Clearwell Systems, kCura, and BlueArc. For more information visit www.falcondiscovery.com.