Falcon Discovery Achieves Certified Symantec Clearwell Managed Service Provider Status

Falcon Discovery, the leader in managed in-house legal and technology services, today announced that Clearwell, now a part of Symantec, has formally designated Falcon as the second certified Symantec Clearwell Managed Service Provider (“MSP”) globally. This selection underscores Falcon’s deep experience managing Symantec’s Clearwell eDiscovery Platform for corporate legal departments, as part of Falcon’s visionary in-house managed services program, InsideOut™.

Falcon was approved as a Certified MSP after passing a rigorous certification process that included an audit of key quality control and security measures, to ensure adequate safeguards for Clearwell clients. Though just recently approved as a Certified MSP, Falcon has installed and managed Clearwell as an in-house solution for Fortune 500 clients since 2007. In particular, among other clients, Falcon manages Symantec’s Clearwell eDiscovery Platform in-house for a corporate client that has been recognized as Corporate Law Department of the Year and Top 10 Most Innovative Law Departments.

Over the years, Falcon has developed proprietary work flows and processes to optimize the use, management and return on investment in the Clearwell product for its enterprise clients. This includes development of technical processes related to the indexing, management and production of data using Clearwell in over 150 cases, as well as work by Falcon’s attorney teams in using the solution to perform search term testing and validation, early case analysis and large volume document review for high-profile internal investigations, M&A, large-scale litigation and regulatory inquiries.

A recent client case study underscores the immense value that Symantec’s Clearwell eDiscovery Platform and Falcon’s InsideOut program deliver for corporate legal departments. Falcon recently completed a four-year cost analysis for a client, to assess the return on investment in an enterprise license of Clearwell. Over that period Falcon’s client realized a 400%+ rate of return on the Clearwell investment when compared to traditional outsourcing of eDiscovery to law firms and processing/hosting providers.

“We value Falcon as a strong and knowledgeable partner, and we are excited to have them as the second Symantec Clearwell MSP certified partner,” said Steve Rapp, director of distribution channel sales at Symantec. “We are pleased that Falcon will continue to supply their customers with the best managed services technology in the business.”

Falcon’s approval as a Symantec Clearwell MSP further validates the unique managed services solution that Falcon established in 2007, including Falcon’s unique ability to:

  • Optimize a client’s return on investment in a Clearwell enterprise license, by designing and managing an efficient, repeatable and defensible workflow using Symantec’s Clearwell eDiscovery Platform
  • Help clients avoid the time and fixed costs associated with hiring full-time employees to manage Symantec’s Clearwell eDiscovery Platform in-house
  •  Provide clients with scalability to meet fluctuating litigation and discovery demands, which includes seasoned attorney teams proficient in using the Clearwell solution for document analysis and review
  • Give clients far greater visibility, cost predictability and control when compared to traditional outsourcing with law firms and processing/hosting providers

“For any company routinely involved in litigation, a Clearwell enterprise license will significantly cut discovery and outside legal costs, and eliminate inefficiencies and security and operational risks,” said Donald McLaughlin, CEO and founder of Falcon Discovery. “Falcon’s InsideOut™ model optimizes a client’s Clearwell license because Falcon’s technology and attorney teams provide a fully integrated, end-to-end discovery service that yields significant costs savings and risk mitigation over traditional outsourcing.  We are proud to be named the second Symantec Clearwell Managed Services Provider worldwide, and we look forward to serving an ever-growing list of Symantec’s Clearwell customers around the globe.”