Case Studies

Customer success—and savings: Nothing but the truth

Enterprises depend on Falcon Discovery for ongoing management of e-discovery across all types of legal matters. Here are few quick glimpses of how we’ve helped firms like yours.

Document review: Six-figure savings

A client needed document search and review of over 2-million documents completed in three weeks.

Leveraging our InsideOut service, Falcon Discovery:

  • Searched more than 2-million documents.
  • Conducted validation and individual search term analysis, reducing the load 92%.
  • Completed a review of over 5-million pages.
  • The document review was finished on time with a savings of over $600,000 on the project.

Early case analysis: Cool and calm under pressure

With a pressing deadline, our client needed to complete early case analysis on a urgent legal matter but was unsure how to proceed.

Falcon’s technology and attorney team:

  • Completed collections and indexing using previously deployed in-house technologies.
  • Executed multi-stage search and retrieval, reviewing sample sets of documents and validating search terms iteratively.
  • Summarized the results and identified document subsets in need of further review and analysis.
  • Trained the firm on how best to review the subset of documents.

The early case analysis work was completed far more quickly, with better results and at a fraction of the cost than if the firm had managed the e-discovery effort.

Forensics: Investigating a corporate connection mystery

A client needed to know whether an employee was connected to the corporate network during a specified period.

Our team performed a deep-dive forensic exercise collecting and analyzing disparate bits of electronic data from various sources.

Through analyzing certain connectivity and printer spool data fragments, our team confirmed the employee was connected to the corporate network during the time period in question.