Falcon Video Briefs

One minute video briefs with Falcon Discovery founder and CEO Don McLaughlin.

CEO & founder Don McLaughlin explains the three elements of Falcon’s InsideOut™ process.

The InsideOut™ approach to finding cost-saving solutions are tailored to each company’s unique situation.

Falcon can reduce e-discovery costs by 50% to 70% based on an AmLaw 200 law firm study.

Intel’s failure to meet its discovery obligations brings about sanctions and loss of right to claim attorney client privileges on a whole host of issues.

Falcon establishes a new model, now called InsideOut™, for managing discovery from inside a company.

Falcon’s InsideOut™ model directly addresses the extreme costs of traditional electronic discovery.

Falcon CEO & founder Don McLaughlin discusses the great risk of failing to preserve electronic data and meet discovery.

A company’s position in an investigation can be compromised by not having an established process to preserve, collect and analyze information.

Falcon founder Don McLaughlin explains the importance of an internally standardized process for handling the complexities of electronically stored information.



Tailoring the Solution to the Company

Falcon Discovery’s Cost Savings

Lesson from Intel vs. AMD

Falcon: How it All Started

The Costs of Traditional Method of E-discovery

What Keeps the General Counsel Awake

The Importance of Establishing a Process to Preserve Electronic Information

The Reinventing-the-Wheel Problem