Falcon speaks with Pallab Chakraborty about advances in predictive coding and the EDI-Oracle case study.


Falcon Discovery founder and CEO Don McLaughlin talks with Philip
J. Favro, discovery counsel for the Symantec corporation.


Nick Robertson, VP of Sales and Marketing at KCURA, discusses three things today’s e-discovery technologists need to be concerned about.


Mark Chardack, CEO of Nuix, discusses the risk surrounding information within the enterprise and how it’s managed, including proactive e-discovery, leveraging technology and dealing with personally identifiable information (PII).


John Martin, CEO and Founder of Beyond Recognition, discusses the challenges of information identification and classification, as well as solutions his company has developed to address these issues.


Dean Gonsowski from RECOMMIND, Inc. talks with Don McLaughlin about finding value from e-discovery results and taking information management to a different level.


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