Happy Growth Year: Falcon Discovery is Acquired

You've probably heard the news. We've become a family. A great big one. Falcon Discovery has been acquired by DTI, the largest privately held legal process outsourcing (LPO) company in the U.S. The news was made official in an October, 2014 press release. The release states:

The acquisition accentuates the ongoing focus and commitment of DTI to deliver comprehensive and defensible eDiscovery, review, compliance, information management and related legal process outsourcing services to the world’s leading organizations.

DTI has expanded via acquisition and in addition to Falcon Discovery, Providus, Hudson Legal and Applied Discovery are now all part of the family.

Serving legal clients with expanded scope

The company that serves you now is expansive. Some quick facts and figures regarding the size and scope of DTI include:
  • 29 offices serve more than 50 geographic markets
  • 6 technology centers and 14 knowledge centers in the US, UK, India and Philippines
  • 340 onsite client locations
  • $350,000,000 annual revenues
  • More then 2,500 employees
DTI now claims:
  • 1,600 seats across three continents
  • The largest managed review platform in the US
  • Leadership in energy, financial, healthcare, telecommunications and insurance
  • An emerging Lean SixSigma operating environment
Service offerings from the DTI family are extensive and address a wide range of legal process and business processes.

Falcon Discovery Delivers 2-Day CLE for Fortune 20 Client

Educational workshop features important updates on predictive coding, protective orders, and upcoming changes to FRCP.

Falcon Discovery's Legal Services Team presented a complimentary CLE to the in-house lawyers, paralegals, and support staff of a Fortune 20 client.

The CLE, entitled “2014 & Beyond – Evolving Trends, Rules and Judicial Expectations” included discussion of the latest elements of Computer Assisted Review, particularly its continued acceptance and approval in courts, and DOJ’s approval of Relativity’s assisted review. In addition, the CLE covered Protective Orders and stressed the importance of obtaining Clawback Agreements or a FRE 502(d) Order. Falcon, a DTI Company, delivers several CLE’s throughout the year and would look forward to scheduling one with your legal department.

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Answers To Your eDiscovery Questions From The Experts

DENVER, April 15, 2014 — While at LegalTech NYC 2014, Don McLaughlin, Founder and CEO of Falcon Discovery, a leading legal and technology services firm specializing in managing e-discovery in-house, interviewed a number of industry experts and thought leaders, who shared insights and observations on the latest developments in predictive coding, emerging trends, and the challenges that the legal industry will face throughout 2014.

Interviewees included Clustify founder, Bill Dimm; kCura VP of Sales and Marketing, Nick Robertson; Recommind VP Business Development & Head of Global Information Governance, Dean Gonsowski; Recommind Senior Discovery Counsel, Philip J. Favro; and UnitedHealth Group Director of eDiscovery, David Yerich.

The videos provide valuable insight into the state of the industry and what these experts see as the biggest challenges and issues corporations will face in the coming months and years, as well as providing potential solutions to those problems. The videos are a must watch for anyone interested in, or touched by, e-discovery and information governance. You can view these interviews via our website under the Resources link.

Falcon’s InsideOut™ Managed Legal Service Solution Delivers $3 Million Savings to Fortune 50 Client in First Year of Three-Year Managed Services Engagement

Falcon Discovery, a legal and technology-services firm specializing in managing e-discovery in-house, today announced that Falcon’s InsideOut™ solution delivered approximately $3 million in outside legal cost savings to a Fortune 50 client during the first year of a three-year managed services engagement.

Nearly $1 million of the $3 million in cost savings was derived solely from savings on processing and hosting the client’s data across approximately 30 different matters in 2013. This point is particularly noteworthy because prior to engaging Falcon, the client had been receiving deep discounts from a handful of some of the largest e-discovery consultants and providers in the industry.

“These results underscore the significant savings that our InsideOut™ solution can deliver for corporate legal departments in a short period of time,” commented Falcon’s founder and C.E.O., Don McLaughlin, “and we are constantly fine-tuning and optimizing our services to maximize our team’s integration with the in-house legal team and retained outside law firms.” The net result is that Falcon’s InsideOut™ service teams effectively become an extension of the corporate legal department, giving the legal department a dedicated legal services team that can handle everything from collections, review and production at a fraction of the cost of outside law firms and traditional e-discovery vendors.

“Perhaps more important than the impressive cost savings,” noted Mr. McLaughlin, “is that our clients report that our teams’ expertise and established processes allow them to better utilize outside counsel on the substantive aspects of cases while our teams focus on the day-to-day discovery tasks often performed by the law firm.” For example, Falcon’s lawyers are able to assist outside counsel with quickly locating and summarizing key facts and documents, since Falcon’s review teams are most familiar with the client’s documents and the opposing party’s productions.

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Falcon’s Legal Team Delivers Complimentary, Catered CLE on FRE 502(d) and Predictive Coding to Fortune 200 Client

Falcon’s Legal Services Team recently presented a complimentary, catered CLE to the in-house lawyers, paralegals and support staff of a Fortune 200 client. The CLE, entitled “E-Discovery: 2013 & Beyond – Evolving Trends, Rules and Judicial Expectations” included discussion of the critical elements of an FRE 502 Order, as well as the latest academic research (including the EDI-Oracle Study) about the benefits of Predictive Coding. Contact us about scheduling a similar CLE for your legal department.

Falcon Discovery Receives Prestigious SOC 2 Type II Accreditation

Falcon Discovery, the leading provider of managed e-discovery services for corporate legal departments, today announced that it has received the prestigious SOC 2 Type II certification for its e-discovery managed services. The SOC 2 certification replaced the historic SAS 70 certification in 2011, and is considered the gold standard for security and process control accreditation.

The certification required a complete audit and testing of 90 different controls within Falcon’s discovery services operation. The audit encompassed Falcon’s entire InsideOut™ managed services solution, including Falcon’s dedicated hosting and management of applications such as kCura’s Relativity and Clearwell for corporate law departments, data and information security, document processing, review and production management.

SOC 2 requires that organizations demonstrate the suitability of the design and operating effectiveness of its internal controls. Falcon achieved the rare distinction of passing all 90 controls during the audit, with zero exceptions noted by the independent CPA audit firm, A-lign. Falcon’s achievement of the SOC 2 certification sets it apart from law firms and other larger e-discovery service and consulting providers that have not received similar accreditation.

“Achieving SOC 2 certification provides our clients and partners with additional assurance that our processes and information security are sound,” said Cody Greenwaldt, managing director and head of Falcon’s Legal Services operation. “We are proud that Falcon is being recognized for having a rigorous information security and risk management program that qualifies for such a prestigious accreditation.”

As part of its InsideOut™ managed services solution, Falcon’s team of discovery attorneys and project managers work as an extension of its corporate legal department clients to perform the day-to-day discovery tasks required across all types of legal matters. Falcon’s attorney and technology teams assist in-house and outside counsel in completing the following types of tasks:

  • Discovery planning & project management
  • Preservation & collection interviews
  • Collections & tracking
  • Searching & early case assessment
  • Database hosting & administration
  • Review & preparation of draft privilege/redaction logs
  • Production management
  • Pre-trial support

Falcon’s InsideOut™ solution gives clients immediate control over e-discovery, without additional head count or a large capital expenditure. With InsideOut™, Falcon delivers integrated in-house enterprise e-discovery technology on a dedicated basis, rigorous proven processes, and specialized legal and technology teams to deliver both technology and litigation support services across matters.

Falcon CEO Speaks on Privacy at ARMA’s Annual Conference

Falcon’s CEO, Don McLaughlin, spoke on October 29th at ARMA’s annual meeting in Las Vegas on a panel entitled “Privacy Concerns in the Management of Today’s Information.” The panel session was standing room only. Mr. McLaughlin addressed a host of legal and technology issues related to privacy and data management. In particular, Mr. McLaughlin focused on issues related to the cost and benefits of cloud computing, the implications of social media use by corporations, and strategies for minimizing the risk of data breaches and violations of state and federal privacy laws.

Falcon Discovery Earns a 3-Year Managed Services Engagement with Fortune 20 Company, Spurring New Minneapolis Office

Falcon Discovery, a legal services firm specializing in managing e-discovery in-house, today announced that a Fortune 20 company has awarded Falcon a three-year managed services contract to implement Falcon’s InsideOut™ services solution. Among other services, Falcon will provide dedicated database hosting, data processing and unbundled legal support services across matters. To support work for this and other new clients in the Upper Midwest, Falcon opened a new office in Minneapolis in November, 2012.

As part of the three-year agreement, Falcon’s team of technologists and discovery attorneys will serve as an extension of the client’s legal department with availability both on-site and near-site to the client’s facilities. Falcon’s technology team has deployed and manages a dedicated instance of kCura’s Relativity platform for the client, which will include dedicated hosting, data processing and production within Relativity. Importantly, Falcon’s team will process litigation data directly in Relativity using Relativity’s Processing software, saving the client hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in per gigabyte processing fees typically charged by other consulting and litigation support firms.

In addition, Falcon’s team of discovery attorneys and project managers will work at the direction of the in-house legal department and outside counsel to perform the day-to-day discovery tasks required across all types of legal matters. As part of these unbundled legal services, Falcon’s attorney and technology teams will assist counsel in completing the following types of tasks among others:

  •     Discovery planning & project management
  •     Preservation & collection interviews
  •     Searching & early case assessment
  •     Review & preparation of draft privilege/redaction logs
  •     Production management
  •     Pre-trial support

“I am proud and honored to announce this multi-year managed services engagement,” said Falcon’s founder and CEO, Don McLaughlin, “particularly since this Fortune 20 client already has one of the most sophisticated in-house discovery operations in the country. I believe this underscores the value and benefit that our clients are realizing through our InsideOut™ solution, both in terms of cost savings and a more effective discovery process.”

Falcon’s InsideOut™ solution gives clients immediate control over e-discovery, without additional head count or a large capital expenditure. With InsideOut™, Falcon serves as an extension of the legal department by delivering integrated, in-house enterprise e-discovery technology, rigorous, proven processes, and specialized legal and technology teams to deliver both technology and litigation support services across matters.

Since 2007, Falcon’s team has managed the enabling technology and legal support services for a wide variety of legal matters including:

  •     High-stakes internal investigations
  •     All types of employment matters
  •     Complex commercial & IP litigation
  •     Multi-district securities class actions & high-profile government investigations
  •     M&A reviews & HSR filings for multi-billion dollar transactions
  •     Multinational disputes in foreign jurisdictions

Once in place, the InsideOut™ professional services team can often respond to internal investigations or urgent discovery requests in a matter of hours — not days or weeks. Both in-house and outside counsel understand cases far more quickly, and Falcon’s repeatable in-house processes, legal acumen and expertise using advanced technology make every step more efficient and cost-effective.

Falcon’s Partner kCura Recognized in National Survey for Best Predictive Coding Solution and Best Online Review Platform

In a national survey, Falcon's long-time partner, kCura, recently received high honors in the New York Law Journal Reader Rankings Survey. Based on 8,000 votes submitted by litigation professionals from around the country, kCura's Relativity software was voted the Best Predictive Coding Solution and the Best Online Review Platform. Recognized as a "Leader" in Gartner's 2013 E-Discovery Magic Quadrant, kCura are the developers of the e-discovery software Relativity, a web-based platform for the processing, review, analysis, and production of electronic data. Relativity has more than 80,000 active users worldwide from organizations including the U.S. Department of Justice and 95 of the top 100 law firms in the United States.

Falcon Founder Selected to Speak at eDiscovery Conference for State Court Judges

Falcon's founder and CEO, Don McLaughlin, has been asked to serve on an educational panel during the 2nd Annual Educational Summit for State Court Judges, hosted by the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System at the University of Denver. The Summit’s educational focus is "Unlocking E-Discovery" and takes place September 19-20 at the University of Denver. The Summit includes participation by approximately 45 state court judges from 31 different states. Mr. McLaughlin will join a select group of nationally renowned e-discovery experts during the Summit, and will present on a panel entitled "Practical Aspects of Using Third Parties: From Vendors to Liaisons to Special Masters."