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Fortune 500 Technology Company Wants It Done Better

A cutting-edge technology company wanted a better way to do e-discovery. The company had already experienced several cases where e-discovery was handled from the outside-in: third-party consultants criss-crossing the company to physically remove and image computers from custodians and then sending the data off to a third-party hosted database for indexing, searching and review. In one matter, this outside-in collection effort ruined the computers of several key executives. We performed a rapid assessment and analysis of the company’s internal IT infrastructure and collection capabilities. We then delivered an assessment and recommendation to the GC’s office, which identified how they could manage a future case from the inside out using in-house technology and resources. We estimated that using this approach on their next large case could save them approximately seven figures (yes, 7 figures on one case) solely on the collections and initial culling effort (and we haven’t even gotten to assessing document review).

Large Law Firm Looks Ahead for Clients—and the Firm

One of the largest law firms in the Rocky Mountain West engaged us to help solve a problem. The firm realized that it could not continue to use traditional methods to cost-effectively or efficiently handle, search, and review all of the electronic data that it collected from clients. Clients would begin to question the large e-discovery vendor invoices and the manner in which e-discovery was managed. We advised the firm about options for re-engineering the firm’s e-discovery processes. We then performed a pilot project using advanced e-discovery technologies (with the same data that the firm had previously handled the traditional way). The firm was blown away by the speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the solution compared to traditional litigation support technology, and we now manage the e-discovery technology for the firm—which is making the firm and its clients much happier about how e-discovery is managed. The firm also sees this approach giving it an immediate competitive advantage in the market.


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