Efficient Centralized, In-House Litigation and Production Management

Client: Fortune 500 Telecommunications Company

Situation: The Need to Reduce Cost of Outsourced Storage of Documents for Production
Traditionally, corporations have relied on third parties to host document collections for review and production. This results in upfront processing fees and ongoing fees for storing and hosting the documents and databases. This client needed a way to reduce these costs for ongoing as well as new litigation matters.

The Solution: Falcon Discovery’s InsideOut™ Model and BlueArc
Falcon Discovery’s groundbreaking managed service, InsideOut™ gives corporate legal departments all the benefits of in-house discovery management with no additional headcount or capital expenditure. BlueArc ‘s high-performance, scalable storage architecture provides the foundation that organizations need for fast and efficient e-discovery. A nimble e-discovery storage platform needs to handle the many small files (e.g., email) that exist across data sources. Most ordinary file system architectures choke when processing vast populations of small files. Other file storage systems also need to create extraneous directories or folders to effectively handle the large volume of files involved in e-discovery, while BlueArc can easily handle up to 16 million files in one directory, saving time, resources, and cost. By leveraging BlueArc’s storage platform for e-discovery operations, Falcon Discovery’s InsideOut™ model delivers industry-leading managed services for the largest clients at a fraction of the cost of traditional outsourcing.

The Details: Efficient Centralized, In-House Litigation and Production Management
In December 2009, in one representative case, Falcon’s client had 7,500 documents hosted by a third party hosting provider. Not only did the client pay an upfront per-unit processing fee for the 7,500 documents loaded, but there were minimum ongoing fees of $1,000 per month for document storage and $1,000 per month for database access. Due to these costs, plus the specter of additional costs as the case expanded above the 7,500 documents, the client sought to gain control of e-discovery by leveraging Falcon Discovery’s InsideOut™ model.

Falcon Discovery has integrated and optimized leading technology solutions like kCura’s Relativity and LAW Pre-Discovery into its InsideOut™ model, and paired those solutions with BlueArc’s robust storage infrastructure. BlueArc’s platform allows Falcon to deliver benefits to clients in several ways:

  • Flexibility. By taking control of the process and not relying on a third party hosting vendor, Falcon and the client were able to better manage the productions the way they wanted, when they wanted. For example, as the case at hand approached trial, having control of the infrastructure and database in-house allowed Falcon, outside counsel and the client to make critical decisions about trial exhibits and other production matters just prior to trial. There was no need to allow for the lead time that a third party hosting party would have required. Hence, Falcon’s in-house solution allowed more time for attorney review and better agility in responding to critical trial preparation issues.
  • Cost savings. Falcon helped this client take the documents that were hosted by a third party vendor and bring them in-house through enterprise licensing and Falcon management. Falcon also assisted the client by developing an in-house document processing capability. Over time the corpus for the single case described above grew to 160,000 documents, or about 100 GB worth of data. By avoiding the upfront processing fees and monthly hosting fees for the documents and database, the client saved well over $50,000. Falcon’s InsideOut™ model is delivering similar cost savings for other cases for this client, where Falcon has migrated case documents from third party storage to the client’s in-house infrastructure or where Falcon is using the in-house infrastructure for new cases from the start.
  • Better collaboration with outside counsel. Falcon and its client were able to get documents up and ready for outside counsel much more quickly than would otherwise have been possible through traditional outsourcing. This allows for faster review, lower costs, and better collaboration with outside counsel throughout the case.


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Efficient Centralized, In-House Litigation and Production Management

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