A Matter of Metadata

A Corporate Connection Mystery

Our forensic team was called on to use electronic data to investigate the whereabouts of one of our client’s employees during a specific time period. Our team went to work on a deep-dive forensic exercise by collecting and analyzing disparate bits of electronic data from various sources. By analyzing certain connectivity and printer spool data fragments from a single computer, our team was able to confirm whether the employee was connected to the corporate network during the specified time period.

A Law Firm’s Hunt for the Truth

A law firm client was stumped about whether certain documents had been altered after the fact. Our forensics team analyzed the metadata from a sample of native files associated with the records, which revealed that certain files were indeed modified numerous times after the fact. We reported the information to the client in a straightforward report devoid of forensic jargon. This information confirmed the client’s suspicions and laid the groundwork for seeking more precise information about the creation, storage and modification of certain critical records.


A Matter of Metadata

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