Streamline E-Discovery Collections Management Process

Client: Fortune 200 Telecommunications Company

Situation: Need to Streamline E-Discovery Collections Management Process

Historic, reactive e-discovery processes and duplicative data collections had taken a toll on the client, both in terms of cost and the resources required to store and manage historical collections. With the introduction of e-discovery applications for in-house early case assessment (ECA) and review, it was time to put the right storage infrastructure in place to make e-discovery more efficient and easier to manage.

The Solution: Falcon Discovery’s InsideOut™ Model and BlueArc

Falcon Discovery’s groundbreaking managed service, InsideOut™ gives corporate legal departments all the benefits of in-house discovery management with no additional headcount or capital expenditure. BlueArc ‘s high-performance, scalable storage architecture provides the foundation that organizations need for fast and efficient e-discovery. A nimble e-discovery platform needs to handle the many small files (e.g., email) that exist across data sources. Most ordinary file system architectures choke when processing vast populations of small files. Other file systems also need to create extraneous directories or folders to effectively handle the large volume of files involved in e-discovery, while BlueArc can easily handle up to 16 million files in one directory, saving time, resources, and cost.

By leveraging BlueArc’s storage platform for e-discovery operations, Falcon Discovery’s InsideOut™ model delivers industry-leading managed services for the largest clients at a fraction of the cost of traditional outsourcing.

The Details: The Right Storage Infrastructure Optimizes E-Discovery

To address the full spectrum of e-discovery more efficiently, Falcon recommends, implements and manages for its clients industry-leading applications from software companies like Guidance Software for collection and processing, Clearwell Systems for indexing, search, analysis and ECA, and kCura Relativity for document review, production and management. Such applications demand high-performance disk to function optimally. The traditional way of implementing these applications—with islands of storage for each application—presented difficulties for managing backups and for moving data between phases of e-discovery across matters. Instead, Falcon’s team recognized that a centralized, high-performance storage infrastructure made far more sense.

With BlueArc, Falcon’s team can quickly allocate local hard drive space to the applications, e.g., kCura’s Relativity, that need it while supporting the movement of data from application to application. With BlueArc’s virtual volumes, data can be moved without requiring additional hardware for each application. One significant advantage of the BlueArc solution is its ease of deployment and administration. For this particular client, Falcon only needs one systems administrator working part-time to manage the BlueArc solution in-house. This efficiency and ease of management underscores a key aspect of Falcon’s InsideOut™ model: by investing in industry-leading solutions like BlueArc, in-house e-discovery does not require a huge investment of time or administrative overhead from corporate IT.

In addition, BlueArc supports Falcon’s proprietary NES2T™ collections management process, which normalizes data sets for custodians across historical collections and reduces the time needed to prepare that data for review—which reduces overall storage needs and most importantly, puts historical collections at the fingertips of reviewers on demand and without the need for any additional processing.

For this client, Falcon is able to streamline e-discovery, significantly reduce e-discovery costs and minimize risk—all without a major upfront investment in storage infrastructure or ongoing management. And, Falcon is able to accomplish all of this without the need to reactively add storage for each software application on a case-by-case basis. As a result, the client has seen the following benefits:

  • Less overall processing time because there is no need to deploy additional volumes of storage as data moves between phases of e-discovery, e.g., from processing to review.
  • 40%-50% less time required to prepare historical collections because they are now centrally managed and normalized via Falcon’s NES2T™ process.
  • Fewer IT resources called in to support and manage e-discovery processing and collection duties because there is little need to provision new storage, and Falcon has optimized the management of BlueArc’s solution for in-house e-discovery across matters.



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