Falcon’s Review Saved How Much?

When it comes to e-discovery, search and review can often be poorly managed and far too much time (and money) can be spent reviewing material that is completely irrelevant. Since Falcon’s origin, legal review has been a focus of innovation for the firm. Over the years, Falcon has developed unique methods and processes for accelerating and focusing review in ways that dramatically reduce cost.

Falcon recently managed a search and review effort in-house using these methods for a corporate client. At the same time, a third-party services firm that offers turn-key document review gave outside counsel a proposal to handle the review at an offsite location. The client decided to leverage Falcon’s InsideOut™ model, and Falcon handled the entire effort. The search and review involved a population of over 2 million documents, and the entire review had to be completed in three weeks. Falcon completed the effort on time and under budget, by completing the following:

  • searched a population in excess of 2 million documents;
  • conducted validation and individual search term analysis, which reduced the population by 92%;
  • completed a review of just over 5 million pages.

In the end, Falcon’s work saved the client $600,000 on the project (in just three weeks), compared to the ‘fixed-fee, per unit’ price included in the third-party services firm proposal. Outside counsel was thrilled with Falcon’s work, and the client was equally thrilled by our bill.

Falcon Discovery InSideOut Cost Savings

Falcon Discovery InSideOut Cost Savings


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Falcon’s Review Saved How Much?

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