Early Case Analysis—Powered by InsideOut™

InsideOut™ Delivers Critical Capabilities and Stunning Cost Savings for Falcon’s Corporate Client and its Law Firm

On behalf of one of its corporate clients, Falcon’s in-house legal and technology teams worked with a global law firm to leverage Falcon’s InsideOut™ model on a pending legal matter. Faced with time critical deadlines and a pressing need to perform early case analysis, the law firm was at a loss for how to proceed quickly and cost effectively. Falcon’s attorney and technology teams moved in, working quickly in-house for the client to collect, search and analyze material using enterprise technology that Falcon had previously selected and deployed for the client. Within a week, Falcon’s technology and attorney teams had:

  • completed the necessary collections and indexed those collections using the in-house technologies;
  • executed Falcon’s multi-stage search and retrieval process, by reviewing sample sets of documents and validating search terms in iterative fashion;
  • summarized the results of this effort for the firm, and identified subsets of documents for the firm to review and analyze further.

Falcon’s litigation technology group then trained the firm on how best to review the subset of documents identified by Falcon’s attorney team, using the client’s existing in-house enterprise technology. In the end, Falcon and the firm were able to complete the early case analysis work far more quickly, with better results and at a fraction of the cost than if the firm had managed the e-discovery effort itself using the firm’s existing methods and/or outsourcing the work to third-party consultants and vendors.


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Early Case Analysis—Powered by InsideOut™

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