Watch interview highlights from the 2012 Legaltech convention in New York City.

  • David Yerich – UnitedHealth Group:  David Yerich, Director of eDiscovery at UnitedHealth Group, talks with Falcon’s CEO, Don McLaughlin. He discusses how e-discovery is managed as a process and the importance of education in all the steps of managing the entire e-discovery process.
  • Charlie Kaupp – Digital Strata:  Don McLaughlin interviews Charlie Kaupp from Digital Strata, who discusses the improvement in the overall process of e-discovery management over the course of the past few years.
  • Nicolas Economou – H5:  Nicolas Economou, CEO and founder of H5, shares his insights on what’s improved over the past few years in the way courts and practitioners manage e-discovery and information governance as a process.
  • Conor R. Crowley – Crowley Law Office:  Conor R. Crowley of Crowley Law Office, shares his perspective on how e-discovery has improved over the past few years, what challenges continue and what can be done to refine the e-discovery process.
  • Dean Gonsowski – Symantec:  Dean Gonsowski, Symantec eDiscovery Counsel, discusses the history of e-discovery management by judges and practitioners – and its evolution into a standard business process.
  • Nick Robertson – kCura:  Nick Robertson of kCura talks with Don McLaughlin about the maturing e-discovery industry, the increasing sophistication of technology and the persistent challenges of ever-growing data.
  • Jenny Hamilton – John Deere:  Don McLaughlin interviews Jenny Hamilton, John Deere & Co., Winner of LTN Innovation Award. She shares her views on the state of the e-discovery industry.
  • Bobby Balachandran – Exterro:  Bobby Balachandran of Exterro talks about emerging trends in the market, including how companies are looking for a workflow-driven e-discovery process.