Watch interview highlights from the 2013 Legaltech convention in New York City.

  • Pallab Chakraborty – Oracle:   Falcon speaks with Pallab Chakraborty about advances in predictive coding and the EDI-Oracle case study.
  • Philip J. Favro – Symantec:  Falcon Discovery founder and CEO Don McLaughlin talks with Philip J. Favro, discovery counsel for the Symantec corporation.
  • Nick Robertson – KCURA:   Nick Robertson, VP of Sales and Marketing at KCURA, discusses three things today’s e-discovery technologists need to be concerned about.
  • Mark Chardack – Nuix:   Mark Chardack, CEO of Nuix, discusses the risk surrounding information within the enterprise and how it’s managed, including proactive e-discovery, leveraging technology and dealing with personally identifiable information (PII).
  • John Martin – Beyond Recognition:   John Martin, CEO and Founder of Beyond Recognition, discusses the challenges of information identification and classification, as well as solutions his company has developed to address these issues.
  • Dean Gonsowski – RECOMMIND:   Dean Gonsowski from RECOMMIND, Inc. talks with Don McLaughlin about finding value from e-discovery results and taking information management to a different level.