A practical approach to get the process under control.

When you recognize e-discovery is now a major part of how you practice law daily, it becomes clear that creating a new discovery process for each matter is an immensely expensive mistake.

You need a repeatable process.

Falcon delivers the repeatable e-discovery process you need. Our consultants work with your company, especially the IT department, to create a coordinated, repeatable process for handling e-discovery. You deploy the technologies needed you take control of discovery.

No nonsense.

You may have found a good many e-discovery consultants want to sell you reports. Not Falcon. We simply focus on getting the work done with practical approaches to:

  • Information governance and compliance
  • Preservation and legal hold protocols
  • Technology business case analysis, selection and implementation
  • Collection and tracking
  • Outside counsel litigation management cost analysis
  • A snapshot of the Falcon consulting process.

    E-discovery experts—both attorneys and technologists—conduct a thorough review and deliver an execution plan.

    • Assessment

      Your company’s existing discovery procedures are examined. Opportunities for improvement are identified.

    • Strategic blueprint

      We create a solid strategy to empower your firm to better managee-discovery in-house, 100% of the time.

    • Information management

      We guide your company in the planning and implementation of a comprehensive digital preservation, collection and management program to ensure your process is defensible and efficient.

    • Cost metrics

      Falcon uses cost metrics from actual cases to deliver precise budgets and cost reports for all aspects of e-discovery.


    Consulting fees are billed hourly.If you’re not satisfied, you don’t pay. E-discovery is complex enough. Your consultants shouldn’t be exasperating the problem.