Experts on are the case

You can outsource your e-discovery tasks to Falcon, including:

  • Computer imaging

    FastCollect™ is our forensically sound process for preserving data integrity from acquisition through delivery. Experienced forensic examiners develop the collections plan that works for you.

    Flat-fee pricing plans are offered.

  • Preservation, collections and forensics

    We have iron clad, defensible methods for identifying, preserving and collecting electronically stored information (ESI).

    • Strict preservation and collection protocols are applied for detailed chain of custody records.
    • We perform in-house custodian/witness interviews.
    • Flexible options for collection, including self-collection by custodians.
    • We inventory, track and manage ESI collections to eliminate wasteful process duplication.
    • Advanced forensics are delivered by CCE and EnCE-certified investigators for all sources, including e-mail, deleted data, encrypted data, retired systems, PDAs and cell phones, file servers, flash drives, tape archives, social networking sites, and cloud computing—on client sites and at remote sites.

  • Processing and culling

    Falcon transforms raw data into useful information for search and filtering.

    • A range of collection and processing methodologies cull ESI fast.
    • Detailed inventory enables counsel to search, retrieve and review information efficiently.
    • Advanced technology is used to index large volumes of ESI.
    • We reduce the volume of duplicated information.
    • High volume data is processed offsite at our highly secure, government-audited facility.

  • Search and early case analysis

    We identify the most relevant information to quickly advance early case analysis and workloads.

    • We help you choose and license the right tools for search and retrieval.
    • A proprietary process is used to analyze and validate search terms.
    • Search efforts are continuously refined to reduce review process by as much as 90%.
    • Early case analysis enables you to make better decisions to reduce risk.

  • Review and production management

    Falcon Discovery helps you achieve greater efficiency and control over review and document production, the most costly aspect of discovery.

    • We define protocols to standardize review and production.
    • The most appropriate review and coding technologies are selected.
    • Falcon helps in-house and outside counsel during the meet and confer processby contributing to the development of ESI Protocols and Confidentiality Orders in compliance with F.R.E. 502.
    • Falcon attorneys conduct responsiveness and hot document review, prepare privilege logs, summarize depositions and create fact/issue chronologies.