Preservation, Collections & Forensics

Optimize Collection of Electronically Stored Information

Falcon Discovery professionals work with both your in-house stakeholders and outside counsel to develop highly defensible methods for identifying, preserving and collecting Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

  • Preservation, Legal Hold & Collections Methodology: We employ strict preservation and collection protocols and best in class technology to help your organization identify, preserve and collect material while maintaining detailed chain of custody records to substantiate and defend the process. Our attorney and paralegals teams also routinely perform in-house custodian/witness interviews.
  • Collection Mechanics: We offer flexible options for collections. We can guide your own staff through the collections process or scale our resources to help complete the collections using our client’s or Falcon Discovery’s enterprise technology solutions.
  • Collections Tracking & Management: We inventory, track and manage ESI collections across matters, which limits the duplicate collections that might otherwise be done by separately engaging outside vendors or consultants for each matter. We currently manage and track hundreds of custodian collections and terabytes of collected ESI across matters for our clients.
  • Certified Forensic Investigators: We deliver advanced digital forensics through our CCE and EnCE-certified forensic investigators. This team recovers information across all sources, including e-mail, deleted data, encrypted data, retired systems, PDAs and cell phones, file servers, flash drives, tape archives, social networking sites, and cloud computing, both on client sites and at remote sites.

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Preservation, Collections & Forensics

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