Processing & Culling

Transform Raw Data into Useful Information for your Corporate Legal Department

One of the most important stages of electronic discovery, the process and culling phase of e-discovery handles all forms of data so that it can be searched and filtered effectively.

  • Processing and Culling Strategy: We configure a range of collection and processing methodologies to cull Electronically Stored Information (ESI) quickly and defensibly.
  • Format Alignment: We keep a detailed inventory as we process raw data stored on file servers and restore it to intelligible e-mail messages, attachments and documents. This ensures defensibility while enables discovery experts to search, retrieve and review relevant information efficiently.
  • Advanced Indexing: We use advanced technologies to index large volumes of ESI so that it can be searched in seconds (not hours). This also enables other discovery tools to make correlations that might have been missed otherwise.
  • De-Duplication:We reduce the volume of duplicated information according to the needs of each matter.
  • Secure Processing: We have expertise processing enormous ESI collections on client sites. We also process high data volumes offsite at our highly secure facility in Colorado, which continually passes rigorous government security audits.


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Processing & Culling

Search & Early Case Analysis

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