Review & Production Management

Streamline Corporate Legal Review and Production

Review and production are the most costly aspects of discovery. Falcon Discovery delivers best-in-class attorney review and litigation production services to corporate legal departments either on-site or near site. Through process enhancements, technology advising, and specialized attorney review teams, we help you achieve greater efficiency and control over review and document production.

  • Process Engineering: We clearly define protocols to standardize review and production. Like the other phases of discovery, review and production are enhanced through a standardized process.
  • Advanced Review Technologies: We consider your entire discovery process and align your organization’s needs with the most appropriate review technologies, ensuring that the best tools are chosen for your company’s unique requirements. For years, we’ve tested and used cutting-edge review and auto categorization technologies to improve results and substantially reduce cost.
  • Meet and Confer Management: As your dedicated e-discovery expert, we help in-house and outside counsel address e-discovery topics during the meet and confer process. We tackle e-discovery issues head-on to avoid protracted and costly e-discovery motions practice.
  • Review and Litigation Teams: Our attorney teams work at the direction of your in-house or outside counsel to conduct responsiveness and hot document review, prepare privilege logs, summarize depositions and create fact/issue chronologies. We quickly develop institutional knowledge of your organization’s business units, management structure, and legal counsel, which streamlines our work across matters.
  • Controlled Production: Our vast technical expertise and rigorous protocols ensure that information exchanged with other parties is produced at the least possible cost, while meticulously controlled and tracked.

Reasoned Review™ is Falcon Discovery’s solution to the most expensive piece of the discovery life cycle. Reasoned Review™ cuts costs while maintaining the highest quality of document review. For more info click here.



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