Search & Early Case Analysis

Get Relevant Information, Fast

Our e-discovery search and analysis process can help your organization quickly advance early case analysis and reduce downstream review workload by identifying only the most relevant information.

  • Technology Consulting and Deployment: We help you choose and license the most appropriate tools for your corporate legal departments’ search and retrieval process. We are technology agnostic. We strive to make recommendations that merge our deep expertise with best in class solutions with our client’s existing systems and overarching discovery process.
  • Metrics-Driven Search: Our search and analysis process consists of a proprietary, iterative process to analyze and validate search terms. Our process was developed and refined through experience on high-profile litigation and investigative matters involving terabytes of ESI. Detailed tracking of our search validation process guides future searches, and helps identify additional relevant material defensibly.
  • Search Refinement: We follow a rigorous process that continually refines the search effort and reduces the number of documents that need review by up to 90%. By eliminating irrelevant material, in-house and outside counsel make better use of their time and billable hours.
  • Investigations and Early Case Analysis: We offer extensive early case analysis and internal investigations experience. This enables our clients to make better decisions earlier in a case or investigation. Our specialized e-discovery attorneys conduct targeted reviews of samples sets of documents. From documents and witness interviews, they distill key information into fact/issue chronologies that significantly bolster the traditional litigation risk analysis (LRA) effort.


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Search & Early Case Analysis

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