The Approach: E-Discovery Insourcing

Repeatable Processes Mean Effective Discovery, From the InsideOut
Falcon’s InsideOut™ managed services process was designed from the ground up to give corporate legal departments a streamlined in-house e-discovery capability that can be repeated across virtually all legal matters. With each e-discovery matter managed and executed by Falcon Discovery’s lawyers and technology staff, outside counsel can stay focused on key litigation priorities while the mechanics of e-discovery are managed in-house by Falcon Discovery.

  • Onsite Capability: InsideOut™ consists of fully integrated, in-house e-discovery management service, including collections, attorney review and analysis, and document production services. Corporate legal departments benefit from the specialized expertise of Falcon Discovery’s lawyers and technologists who have day-to-day knowledge of your company’s legal staff, IT infrastructure, business units, and outside counsel.
  • StrategyOne-Stop Management: InsideOut™ ensures clients are no longer burdened with nuanced decisions about internal head-count, discovery consultants, third-party staffing, and optimization of technology.
  • Repeatable and Defensible Process: Now your company can respond to nearly every e-discovery matter using a highly efficient, repeatable process that is precisely executed. Each Falcon Discovery legal and technology team employs our rigorous, multi-step quality control procedures. This delivers smarter results and significant cost savings while reducing risk and enhancing defensibility.
  • Connection to Expertise: As recognized thought leaders in the field of in-house e-discovery, Falcon Discovery provides a unique blend of high-level strategy and in-the-trenches execution. Together, this deep knowledge helps us spot ideas and opportunities to continually sharpen our clients’ discovery technologies and processes.

Astonishing Cost Savings

The Approach: E-Discovery Insourcing

The Process: Coordinated E-Discovery Innovation

The Story: A Fortune 500 E-Discovery Revamp