Who We Are

Falcon’s InsideOut™ model directly addresses the extreme costs of traditional electronic discovery.

Our Story

E-discovery, re-imagined

Falcon Discovery is transforming the way corporate legal departments and law firms manage discovery in the digital age. It started in 2004 when Qwest Communications asked Falcon’s founder, Don McLaughlin, to survey the escalating cost and complexity of the legal discovery process. Learn more.

The Falcon Advantage

Falcon Discovery helps enterprises thrive in this new legal landscape. Our groundbreaking approach drives greater coordination across the entire discovery process through our hard-to-match mix of litigation skills, intelligent process engineering, and leading edge experience with deploying and managing in-house e-discovery technologies. Learn more.

Senior Leadership

Falcon Discovery’s executive leadership helps clients optimize the e-discovery process by applying a range of expertise, including forensics, records retention, technology and process consulting, litigation and discovery management, and production management. Our executive team coordinates and oversees our staff attorneys and technology specialists in their work managing cases through the lifecycle of discovery, from preservation, collection, and early case analysis through searching, review, and production. Learn more.