Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson is the Senior ESI Consultant.He coordinates with the EDD Team on the management and normalization of collected data. Mark creates process modifications and updates to improve efficiency and accuracy of the collection, tracking, normalization, indexing and production processes.

Mark is an administrator for the Clearwell platform and also processes ESI in Law, Relativity and Concordance. He specializes in the analysis and handling of process exceptions as ESI flows through the Falcon universe.

Mark has worked as Litigation Support Manager at Holme, Roberts and Owen, LLP, and has experience in managing review teams and document management systems for large environmental matters. Prior to that he worked at Qwest (now CenturyLink) managing expansive indexing, review, workflow and production systems, specializing in workflow related to extremely short turnaround responses to state and federal inquiries related to communications regulatory requirements.

You can often find Mark in his basement studio painting and drawing or cooking a multi-course gourmet meal. He hopes to make a short film someday also.


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