Our Story

Falcon establishes a new model, now called InsideOut™, for managing discovery from inside a company.



Falcon Discovery is a niche legal service practice specializing in managing e-discovery in-house. E-discovery is perhaps the single largest cost in litigation today and our groundbreaking InsideOut™ managed service gives forward-thinking companies an in-house e-discovery capability that delivers astonishing cost savings while significantly enhancing defensibility and the accuracy of results, with no additional headcount or capital expenditure.

E-discovery, re-imagined

Falcon Discovery is transforming the way corporate legal departments manage discovery in the digital age. It started in 2004 when Qwest Communications asked Falcon’s founder, Don McLaughlin, to survey the escalating cost and complexity of the legal discovery process.

Given an opportunity to re-imagine the discovery process from the ground up, Don enlisted a team of lawyers and technologists to create a new framework for aligning people, processes and technologies to optimize the discovery process. Working as an extension of the legal department, Falcon’s team engineered a whole new approach to managing legal discovery – from the inside out.

The result is InsideOut™, Falcon’s innovative in-house e-discovery service managed by Falcon’s team of lawyers and technology specialists. By 2008, Falcon had grown to help other Fortune 500 companies enhance their discovery technologies and processes. That same year Corporate Counsel magazine selected Qwest’s legal department as Legal Department of the Year, specifically citing its innovative relationship with Falcon Discovery (see article).

Today, Falcon maintains its focus on helping clients leverage in-house process innovation and advanced technology to manage legal discovery more quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.