The Falcon Advantage

Falcon founder Don McLaughlin explains the importance of an internally standardized process for handling the complexities of electronically stored information.

The E-Discovery Challenge

E-discovery has become perhaps the single largest cost in litigation today. For each matter, electronically stored information—including e-mail, file attachments, instant messages and application data—generates a staggering amount of potentially relevant information. To deal with this more complex legal landscape, new technologies and practices offer significant opportunities to handle discovery in a more coordinated, efficient and defensible manner.

The Falcon Advantage

DiscoveryFalcon Discovery helps enterprises thrive in this new legal landscape. Our groundbreaking approach drives greater coordination across the entire discovery process through our hard-to-match mix of litigation skills, intelligent process engineering, and leading edge experience with deploying and managing in-house e-discovery technologies.

We manage the entire e-discovery life cycle in-house, from preservation, collection and early case analysis through review, production and trial. Our exclusive focus on e-discovery provides corporate clients—and the law firms that serve them—with a highly-responsive, end-to-end discovery process managed by a team of e-discovery specialists. The result? InsideOut™ delivers significant and sustainable cost reduction, smarter results and enhanced defensibility.

Get the Falcon Advantage:

InsideOut™: This end-to-end managed service optimizes the entire e-discovery effort to help enterprises achieve unprecedented results and cost savings. Learn more.

Specialized Practices and Advisory Services: From records and information management to every step of the legal discovery process, our deep expertise can be tapped to meet the exact needs of your organization. Learn more.

Reasoned Review is Falcon Discovery’s solution to the most expensive piece of the discovery life-cycle. Reasoned Review cuts costs while maintaining the highest quality of document review. Learn more.